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Are masks or other protective coverings required for clients and instructors?
Above all, SWEAT is committed to keeping our members and visitors to our facilities safe. According to the CDC, wearing a face mask is recommended at all times. However, wearing a face mask is not to protect you, but it may protect others from the virus or other germs from being spread by you. We are currently requiring masks be worn when entering/exiting the building. Please wear your mask until you get set up at your designated, social distanced workout area, or on your spin bike then, you may take it off if you desire. However, we do highly recommend wearing one if it provides adequate oxygen while performing the exercise. We will have masks available for anyone who desires.
How often will the equipment be cleaned?
We have adopted enhanced cleaning methods consiting of directing our members and guests to clean all shared use equipment (i.e. dumbbells, kettlebells, spin bikes, etc.) before and after use. We are providing each participant with a spray bottle of hospital grade disinfectant and clean towel for exclusive use during their visit which will be collected and washed daily. In addition, our staff will clean all common area surfaces and equipment during the 30 minutes allotted between classes.
For floor exercises, are mats provided?
To limit the use of shared items, especially porus items which can easily absorb body fluids, we are no longer providing mats and are therefore requiring our members and guests to bring their own mat. We also highly recommend bring a towel to wipe away sweat.
Are you open for classes or personal training?
We adhere to the guidelines recommended by California Governor Gavin Newsom. The guidelines and current ranking for San Joaquin County are listed on the official website https://covid19.ca.gov.
Nobody is ever there, are you Closed?
We are OPEN however, we are not currently allowed to host classes or personal training appointments in person. We are able to provide virtual services online through a seamless integration to Zoom. Nothing has changed about the booking process, you will be provided a link to join the Zoom session you are scheduled and pre-booked to attend. If you have other questions, you may chat with us online or call and leave us a message at 209-956-9000. * Online chat available January, 2021.
General Questions
What should I wear to attend a class at SWEAT?
Definitely, wear something that you feel comfortable in. You will SWEAT, so we recommend a dry-fit or moisture-wick material. It is best to wear form-fitting shorts or capri pants. For a Cycling class, often newcomers find the seat to be a little uncomfortable; we encourage you to wear padded biker shorts along with a padded seat. Some Ryders feel that biking gloves help to give them a secure grip on the handles...especially when they really start to SWEAT!
What should I bring to attend a SWEAT class?
We encourage you to bring a friend, lol! We require you to bring your own mat; we also highly recommend a sports towel, water bottle (and long socks for Kangoo classes.) Long socks can be purchased at the studio for $2.00 per pair. We have a drinking fountain for water bottle refilling only however, for those of you who prefer, bottled water is available for purchase at the studio for $1.00 each. Also available are various sport drinks which supply or replenish essential nutrients for pre- and post- workouts; current pricing available in the studio.
Do you have showers?
No showers. We do have two large, fully stocked bathrooms, and storage cubbies to leave your change of clothes and other belongings.
Do you have childcare?
We are very kid friendly but, we don’t offer childcare. We love children, we just don’t have room in the studio for a childcare area. 6/1/20 UPDATE: Until further notice, we are not allowing children that are not participants in a class. For those who have childcare challenges, we suggest trying our Livestream virtual classes.
How can I be removed from the email and text notifications?
Log in to our system through our SWEAT LLC app and access your app settings. Check for instructions on our blog.
Is SWEAT a fitness chain or franchise?
We are super flattered by all the questions about other locations, but SWEAT isn’t a franchise. The studio is a Stockton-grown original! So, Stockton, CA, is the only location to date … but one never knows if another SWEAT will pop up.
Indoor Cycling & RealRyder ABF8 Bikes
What kind of shoes can be worn?
Most of our RealRyder® ABF8 bike pedals have two sides that can be used. The caged side provides safety straps to accommodate any athletic shoe. For serious ryders, the pedal (cleat side) also allows common cycling cleats (SPD cleats) to be worn.
Will I fall off?
No. The frame tilts, but not enough that a Ryder will fall off. Just like when the training wheels come off a child's bike, the first feeling is a bit unsteady but you quickly find balance and rhythm. And after that, it's all fun!
What are the benefits for a competitive cyclist? Why use RealRyder when I can just go outside?
Our RealRyder classes are taught by SWEAT's certified instructors who also ride road bikes, and will help competitive outdoor cyclists fine-tune their cadence and form and improve balance. The heavier flywheel also allows competitors to simulate steep mountain climbs that don't exist in Stockton.
What makes an indoor cycling class at SWEAT different from other spinning classes?
SWEAT Cycling Studio is the only cycling studio in San Joaquin County that uses RealRyder® ABF8 bikes. Each of our 20 bikes uses their patented Core Balance technology. The RealRyder has a unique, articulating frame that allows the Ryder to lean, steer and bank, in very much the same way that a road bike does. With this amazing technology, these bikes offer every Ryder an amazing 5-in-1 workout!! Every Ryder will be challenging not only their legs and cardiovascular levels, but also their upper body, core musculature, and balance.
Why is it called the 5-in-1 workout?
Ryders are working their core and upper body to balance and steer the handlebars even as they pedal, so it engages the entire body. The more muscles a cyclist activates, the more calories are burned. An indoor cycling class on a RealRyder® ABF8 bike can burn up to 400 or more calories depending on the intensity of the Ryder.
Can I play my own music?
All instructors have their own playlists geared to each workout to keep the blood pumping. But do feel free to suggest music to us and we'll try to work it in!
Who can take a cycling class at SWEAT Cycling Studio and Personal Training?
Participants must be at least 54 inches tall (4'6") and 13 years old to Ryde. However, each participant will be individually fitted to ensure that there will be no risk of injury. The instructor will make the final determination. Please respect that call to keep our clients safe! We do require anyone under the age of 18 to have a parent/guardian present and their signature on the liability form before taking your first class. All fitness levels are welcomed. If you have a health/fitness issue, please consult your physician before taking a SWEAT class. Keeping in mind that safety is very important, at SWEAT Cycling Studio & Personal Training, your certified instructor will help push you to YOUR maximum potential based on your current fitness level or experience.
Is SWEAT Cycling Studio & Personal Training available for rent to groups/private parties?
Probably so, depending on the type of event - let's talk. Inquire at the front desk or email us using the link on the home page or the form on the contact page to find out about our SWEAT Corporate Group Classes for clubs, sports teams, and corporations.
Classes and Training
What is the capacity of a small group class?
For our post COVID-19 reopening, we've limited our class sizes (different from capacity) to the recommendations of less than 10. Our RealRyder classes have been restricted to 10 while our group exercise classes (which occur on the main floor area) have been spaced out (social distanced) at over 6' ft apart to allow for no more than 8 participants. Pre-COVID-19, It varied per class type. The normal capacity for our RealRyder indoor cycling classes is 20, for Kettlebell, Kangoo Jumps® and, Bootcamp class sizes are set at 15 although, we can accommodate up to 25 depending on the equipment required for the class. Our POUND® class capacity is also set to 15 however, depending on other activities which may occur at the same time, the floor space can accommodate up to 20 and, the SweaTRXtreme class is limited to 8.
How many people can be in a semi-private personal training?
Semi-private personal training is, personal training in a small group setting. We prefer to limit it to 4 people in order for you to get that personalized attention and maintain a high degree of safety. Larger groups can be accommodated upon request. Private 1-on-1 sessions are also available.
Class Reservation and Check-in System
Is it required for me to schedule myself into a class or can I just "show up"?
We believe we have provided several quick and easy to use methods to assist you with self-registering into our classes. You can schedule a class from our brand new SWEAT Mobile app, or on our website. We would be more than happy to sit with you to help you get started. With that said, we strongly recommend that you pre-register yourself for the class or classes you want to attend. Registering for a class does several things, it guarantees a spot is reserved for you including any equipment needed (i.e. Kangoo Jump boots, Kettlebells and hand weights, RealRyder bikes), it allows our staff to plan for the number of students and assist any new student with getting set up which, overall helps to reduces our costs. Once you arrive for your class, you are also required to "sign in" into the class you reserved prior. There is a Self Check-In computer located at the front desk or, to speed through the check-in process, you can sign in from your mobile device; once you are signed in, look for upcoming schedule; you will find a Check In and cancel button. If you need further assistance, click here or, ask your coaches/instructors/trainers. 6/1/20 UPDATE: COVID-19 requirements have restricted the gathering of groups to 10 or less which SWEAT has complied with. Also, we have removed the self check-in iPad stations to reduce the risk of spreading infectious germs.
Do you have a mobile app, where can I get it, and how much does your mobile app cost?
Good news, SWEAT offers 2 mobile solutions for your mobile devices; SWEAT LLC is our custom mobile app that you download and install from the Apple Store or Google Play. For your convenience, links are provided here on our website; the other is a browser friendly web app that you do not actually install (click http://tinyurl.com/o3fvvxm). Both methods are absolutely FREE!
Why am I having problems viewing or opening up the schedule/reservations using the web app?
In order to access the site, you must enable cookies in your web browser. Here are the minimum system requirements needed to easily access our site (although we highly recommend updating to the most current versions): PC/Windows: Internet Explorer 7.0 and later or Mozilla Firefox, with latest Windows Updates applied. Macintosh: Mac OS X running Mozilla Firefox or Safari. iPhones: Safari browser which comes with the iPhone. Must be using factory default settings.
How many days in advance can I book a class or other service?
As of July 1st, 2020, the system will only allow you to book 1 week (7-days) in advance. This means the booking window is exactly 7-days to the minute. For instance, if today is Wednesday and it's 8:45 am, you will be able to book any class through next Wednesday at 8:45 am. If a class is scheduled for that next Wednesday at 9:00 am, you will not be able to until the current time surpasses 9:00 am.
I have a membership that auto-renews each month but, I tried to book a class and was asked to pay; why?
Great question. This is a timing issue that occurs occasionally when your auto-renew payment has not been processed. You can find when your auto-renew payment is due to be processed in the SWEAT Mobile app under "Purchases" which is accessible by pressing the upper right profile picture (or your initials if you have not uploaded a photo). For example, today is Jun 25th; if you are on auto-renew, look for the Expires date (i.e. Jul 1st). If you attempt to book a class on July 1st or beyond, you will be asked to pay now. You can simply purchase an Add-on Class Pass for the member price of $5 or, wait until your auto-renew payment occurs on Jul 1st (usually between 1:00-3:00 am PST).
What is your class attendance and cancellation policy?
If you have reserved your spot online on our website or through our SWEAT Mobile app for a particular class, with our class size limits, you may be essentially preventing someone else from attending the class therefore, you are committing to use that spot. If you find that cannot attend, you must cancel your reservation - in most cases - at least 2 hours before that class is to start otherwise, you will lose that class session. As a member with a limited number of classes, you may choose to add a class at a cost of $5.00. Beginning in 2019, we began flagging accounts which have exceeded our no show and late cancel limit; we will remove the flag from your account 3 times, thereafter, your account will be charged a $5.00 flag removal fee.
Does my membership auto-renew and continue, or does it cancel at the end of the month (or at the end of the term?)
If you have a membership agreement on auto-renew (which includes the 12-Month Term, 6-Month Term, or Monthly Renew Term agreements) it previously was set to automatically renew at the end of the term. In 2019, if you have a (6-Month or 12-Month Term) membership agreement, it will cancel and no longer auto-renew at the end of the term. Additionally, in 2020, we introduced a (3-Month Term) membership agreement; it will also cancel at the end of the term. To cancel your (Monthly Renew) membership, you must use the Cancel Membership button (on the home page), provide a 30-day notice, and complete the request form indicating you wish to cancel your membership agreement. Our (No Renew) memberships cancel at the end of the month and do not auto-renew. Our (1 Year) Paid-In-Full (PIF) agreement memberships auto-renew and previously converted to their corresponding Monthly Renew Term membership agreement at the end of the agreement. All membership types sold in 2019 will expire at the end of their term.
What is your membership cancellation policy?
If you have a membership designated as Monthly Renew, you are required to provide a 30-day notice prior to your next payment. Use the Cancel Membership button (on the home page) and complete the request form indicating you wish to cancel your membership and supply the date of your next payment (if known). The Monthly Renew is a month-to-month membership which can be canceled without penalty or fee assuming that a 30-day notice was provided. If you have a 6- or 12- Month membership and you wish to cancel, you will still be required to provide a 30-day notice prior to your next payment. You must use the Cancel Membership button and complete the request form, however, you will be charged a 25% early termination fee (calculated based on the number of months remaining on the agreement). Please see the terms of the agreement for the specific calculation details. We will process your request to cancel your membership and send you written confirmation via email or SMS/text message. Our introductory 3-Month memberships cannot be placed on hold or canceled. Are we allowed to place our membership on hold? Yes, you may place your membership on hold for up to 6 months in a calendar year. If you are in a 6- or 12- Month agreement, you will be charged a monthly hold fee of 10% of your monthly membership price. At the completion of the hold, your membership will continue where it left off. Example: 6 months into your 12-month agreement you place it on hold for 3 months. When the hold is lifted, you will still have 6 months left on the agreement. Use the Place Membership on Hold button and complete the request form to request the hold. We will process your request to place your membership on hold and send you written confirmation via email or SMS/text message.
Am I allowed to switch membership types?
If you have a 3-, 6- or 12- Month or Monthly Renew membership, you can upgrade or downgrade at any point without penalty or fee provided you give us a 30-day notice (this will restart your term). Use the Switch Membership Types button and complete the request form to cancel your current membership and in the comments section indicate your desire to upgrade/downgrade to one of our other membership types. We will process your request to convert your membership and send you written confirmation via email or SMS/text message.
Is there a fee charged for failed membership payments?
If your auto-renew payment fails, we will attempt to process the payment to the default card on file a total of 2 consecutive days. The system will send you an email indicating your payment has failed. You can then log into the system either on your computer or using our SWEAT Mobile App on your mobile device, and proceed to your user profile under the Billing Information section to locate, verify and update your billing information. You may also make a payment of the current outstanding balance. If you need further information, or wish to delete outdated information, you must contact SWEAT at 209-956-9000 or send an email to info@sweatfitnesscenter.com.
How To Questions
How do I download the SWEAT Mobile app?
For Apple iOS, go to https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/sweat-llc/id1291682485?mt=8 For Android OS, go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sweat.stockton
How do I access the recorded classes?
Currently you can only access the videos using a web browser. Follow this link and login http://tinyurl.com/o3fvvxm Once you are logged in, you will see the "Watch Video" button at the top of the page.

We know true strength comes from building a strong core. We've chosen a unique mix of equipment that maximizes the use of your core in every functional way. We start with the RealRyder® ABF8 "unstationary" bikes that twist, turn and lean and have revolutionized indoor cycling from what was essentially a cardio workout, into a full body fitness program.

Our group Kangoo Jumps®, POUND® and Kettlebell classes also provide heart pounding, fat burning, and core centric workouts. Round it out with individual or small group personal training. Are you ready to try something new? Our body weight resistance workouts feature the TRX® Suspension Trainer and TRX® Rip Trainer. We also design challenging full-body, traditional weight training programs.

The owners and staff of SWEAT Cycling Studio and Personal Training are energetic and passionate about fitness. Each are required to be certified as indoor cycling, group exercise instructors and personal trainers. Many are also competitive athletes having competed or participated in century and metric-century rides, triathlons, open water swims, mud-runs, marathons, half-marathons, 5 & 10k's, and amateur figure & bodybuilding competitions. 

We walk-the-walk!

So, whether you are a seasoned runner, cyclist, triathlete or just enjoy a good indoor cycling workout, we have a program for you at SWEAT!

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