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How To Check-in, Cancel, or Join an Upcoming Service Using the SWEAT Mobile App

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Check-in, Cancel, or Join an Upcoming Service Using the SWEAT Mobile App

With the SWEAT Mobile App, you can check into or cancel a service quickly or join your virtual service via Zoom, while you are on-the-go.  Whether you cannot get to a computer or simply want to live a life less tethered, you can keep your services organized and up-to-date from anywhere, anytime.



To check-in or cancel an upcoming service in the SWEAT Mobile App (refer to the image on the left):

  • Launch the app and log in.  You will see your initials or your profile picture in the upper right corner.
  • When the main screen appears, tap My Schedule on the bottom of the screen. Your Upcoming Services are displayed.

Tap My Schedule

  • Find the service (class, appointment, or event) you wish to check into or cancel in the displayed list. Press the options menu (the three dots to the right of the service) or drag your finger to the left to reveal the available options for this service (Check-in or Cancel).

View service options

  • Tap the green Check-in button to check into the service


  • Tap the red Cancel button to cancel the service
  • A confirmation box will appear.
  • Tap Confirm. The service is canceled.

Cancel an Upcoming Service


  • Tap the Join button to participate in the Zoom virtual session


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