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A 4th of July Treat – Broccoli Coleslaw Recipe

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Broccoli Coleslaw Recipe

Broccoli Coleslaw Recipe

Serves 4-6

2 cups  (16oz.) Broccoli Slaw (Located in the produce section near the bagged salads)

¼ cup  Mayonnaise (Vegans can substitute Vegenaise)

2 Tbls.  Sweet Pickle Relish

1 Tsp.  Apple Cider vinegar

1 Tsp.  Sugar

1 Dash  Black Pepper (or to taste!)


Put Broccoli in a colander and rinse with cold water let drain while preparing the dressing

In a glass measuring cup thoroughly mix together mayonnaise, relish, cider, sugar, and black pepper to taste.

Put well-drained broccoli into a mid/large glass bowl (note: glass bowls are better for chilling salads). Pour in dressing toss lightly. Cover with lid or plastic wrap and refrigerate until cold. The recipe can be prepared a day in advance.

Have some fun: Omit pickle relish, add golden raisins, sliced red apples, mandarin oranges (drained).

Chopped pecans and walnuts are also good.

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