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Getting Back Into Your Workout Routine

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Getting Back into your Workouts

When gyms closed due to COVID-19, many exercise enthusiasts got out of their normal workout routine.  Now that SWEAT is re-opening, many people may have struggles returning to their previous routines.

First, remind yourself that your health is extremely important, now more than ever!  You need your physical strength, mental health, stress release, and a strong immune system.  If nothing else, hopefully, this pandemic has taught us how critical it is to take care of our overall health.

Here are some tips to get you back on track:

Don’t Focus on Your Weight

Many of us may have gained a few pounds during the quarantine (I know I’ve gained a noticeable amount).  Don’t stress out about it.  Instead, focus on what you need to do to improve your overall health and fitness.  So instead of saying ‘I’m going to lose 10 pounds this month’, instead set the goal that you will do 12 strength workouts and 12

Don’t focus on your scale weight, instead set the goal that you will do 12 strength workouts and 12 cardio workouts this month and drink 10 glasses of water everyday

cardio workouts this month and drink 10 glasses of water every day.  Or set a goal that by the end of the month, you will be able to run for 10 minutes non-stop or you will participate in a local 5K or improve your pace.  Set Action-oriented goals and the extra weight will take care of itself.

Focus on What You Love to Do

If you absolutely detest the fitness activity, it’s no wonder you’re having a hard time getting back to it.  Find an activity that you enjoy and you will be more likely to maintain your commitment.  Perhaps participating in a fitness activity with those who love and enjoy spending time with, will make it easier to get back on track.  Another idea would be for you and your closest friends/family, to sign up for a class together or hire a trainer for your small group.

Be Realistic

Don’t be too zealous as you’re getting back at it.  Instead of saying you’ll exercise seven days a week, maybe opt for four workouts!  Set a goal that you know 100% without a doubt, that you can commit it and if you do anything more, it’s a bonus!

Don’t Quit!

Sometimes the outward changes take longer to surface.  It’s important to understand that when you start exercising consistently, you are building an athletic machine that is developing enzymes, capillaries, mitochondria, and the ability to exercise longer (endurance) and harder (muscle memory) without getting fatigued.  You are increasing your body’s ability to mobilize and utilize fat as fuel.  These biochemical changes are happening internally and you can’t see them but they are making you a better fat-burning machine.  Soon you won’t know what’s happening, but you’ll overcome plateaus and you’ll start looking and feeling better and your body composition will change!  Even though it can be challenging when trying to get back to your consistent routine, stick with it!  The benefits to your overall health and well-being are so worth it!

We know true strength comes from building a strong core. We've chosen a unique mix of equipment that maximizes the use of your core in every functional way. We start with the RealRyder® ABF8 "unstationary" bikes that twist, turn and lean and have revolutionized indoor cycling from what was essentially a cardio workout, into a full body fitness program.

Our group Kangoo Jumps®, POUND® and Kettlebell classes also provide heart pounding, fat burning, and core centric workouts. Round it out with individual or small group personal training. Are you ready to try something new? Our body weight resistance workouts feature the TRX® Suspension Trainer and TRX® Rip Trainer. We also design challenging full-body, traditional weight training programs.

The owners and staff of SWEAT Cycling Studio and Personal Training are energetic and passionate about fitness. Each are required to be certified as indoor cycling, group exercise instructors and personal trainers. Many are also competitive athletes having competed or participated in century and metric-century rides, triathlons, open water swims, mud-runs, marathons, half-marathons, 5 & 10k's, and amateur figure & bodybuilding competitions. 

We walk-the-walk!

So, whether you are a seasoned runner, cyclist, triathlete or just enjoy a good indoor cycling workout, we have a program for you at SWEAT!

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