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Will I be safe when SWEAT re-opens?

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Will I be safe when SWEAT re-opens?

Great question and our answer is YES, we have enhanced our procedural and cleaning methodologies!  Here’s what we’re doing to ensure the safety of our members and guests at SWEAT:

  • Temperatures will be checked upon arrival using a no-touch thermometer
  • 2 Touchless automatic hand sanitizer stations and several individual pump hand sanitizer bottles are strategically located throughout the facilities
  • Signs are posted throughout the facilities reminding everyone of what to do to protect themselves and others
    • wash hands often with soap & water for 20 seconds
    • avoid close contact (6′ feet apart)
    • cover your mouth and nose (and eyes) with a face covering when around others
    • cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue (and immediately wash your hands)
    • clean and disinfect
    • monitor your health; know the symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) and stay home if you’re sick
  • Our spin bikes have been socially distanced and spaced out to 6′ feet apart and limited to 10 (formerly 20)
  • Our main floor space has been socially distanced and marked with floor signs instructing participants to stay 6′ feet apart and limited to 8 (formerly 15-20)
  • Our TRX class has been socially distanced and extra straps removed to limit participants to 5 (formerly 9)
  • Mats and other shared equipment (except dumbbells and kettlebells) have been removed.  Participants are required to bring their own mat and are encouraged to bring a bath size towel to absorb sweat
  • Participants are required to pick-up a spray bottle and towel upon arrival and keep it throughout the time they are exercising; towels will be deposited into the open laundry container for cleaning and spray bottles placed in a designated area for cleaning during the break between classes
  • We are asking that all participants use the provided spray bottle and towel to disinfect any and all equipment both before and after using; we suggest you spray the towel, not apply the spray directly onto the equipment
  • After class ends, all participants will be asked to please vacate the building (wait in your car if you intend to attend another service) within 5 minutes so that all common used areas can be disinfected within the 30-minutes between classes
  • After class ends, the hard surface floors will be cleaned and mopped and soft carpeted/rubber floors will be vacuumed

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