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Meet Coach Rodger

Coach Spotlight
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Hi, I’m Coach Rodger!  I co-founded SWEAT Fitness – Stockton in 2010 with my spouse and best friend, Lakiesha but, you already know that about me, lol

Leaving out religion and politics; I’m a Christian who loves Jesus & Andrew Yang  2021 (NYC Mayor) and 2024/2028 (POTUS), here are the Top-10 things you may not know about me…




  1. I’m a unicycle rider
  2. I’m an amateur cyclist and avid enthusiast of long-distance riding
  3. I enjoy driving long distances
  4. I’m the middle son and eldest of my mom’s second set of children
  5. SWEAT is not my first successful business, but it is my first brick-n-mortar business
  6. I married my wife Lakiesha in 1992 (see photo below, spoiler alert, she’s gorgeous)
  7. Prior to entering the fitness industry, I was a software engineer and software, development manager
  8. In a word, my #1 best quality is I’m EasyGoingFunnyIntelligentHardWorkingAmbitiousAppreciativeIntelligentRomanticSexyMostlyHappyIntelligentLoveLifeOlderThanILookOlderThanYouThinkPrettyDamnIntelligentToo
  9. I’m a vegan
  10. There are a minimum of 1,000 other exciting things you don’t know about me; but, I’m an open book and I love to share, lol



My wife Lakiesha and I celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2017.  The photos were taken in 1992 at our wedding and 2017 at our vow renewals.  It might sound like a cliché but our love for one another is stronger than it was when we first fell in love!  By the way, it was love at first sight; alright for me it was, lol.  See, I tried to warn you she was absolutely gorgeous!



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